About Us

Welcome to the East Side High School Vocal Music Program. Choral Director David Benus has used his many years of experience as a professional singer, musician, and recording studio owner to design a new, cutting-edge vocal music program utilizing today's modern music technology, including Digital Audio and MIDI Recording done on a PC Computer.

Every semester, Mr. Benus and his Chorus use this technology to make audio recordings of the Chorus' performances; the recordings include musical selections by the Chorus as a whole and also by some of the Chorus' advanced singers, who perform individually as soloists.

All background music is created and edited in the Semi-Professional Recording Studio that has been set up in the classroom. After extensive rehearsals (in preparation for and following performances by the Chorus in public concerts), the singers' performances are recorded into the computer using digital audio recording software; subsequently, the performances are mixed and mastered; from there labels and booklets are printed, CDs are copied and packaged, and then, the final project is distributed to the Chorus students - as well as parents, teachers and administration. Students are involved in every aspect of the recording process.

By placing vocal music students into a professional recording studio situation, a totally different, much more engaging and enjoyable learning atmosphere is created in the classroom. In addition, the finished product - a CD recording of their performances - is taken away by every student as a "souvenir" which can be shown to family, friends, and eventually to their own children, as proof of what hard work, focus, concentration and dedication produce.

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